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At times I may sound as an amateurish, but very zealous marketing manager for and sometimes The reason is single-minded belief that system trading is THE most efficient investment method of our time and expectation of exponential growth of this sector of investment management industry.

However, the aforesaid service providers are not the only ones in the industry. Another one is Initially I learned about it from Fred Wilson’s blog. His recent post regarding Covestor is here and particularly describes investment management account.  Covestor is limited to stock investors only, it seems to have more pedigree than the other two services and they themselves do a good work of explaining how it works.

Again, system trading is genius idea and the guys at Covestor have figured out a genius way how to do it. Even if Covestor does not exactly deal with trading systems …


Written by A.S.

August 6, 2009 at 5:44 pm