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Good Governance is the Key to Prosperity

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imageThere is an excellent piece of work Great Companies, Great Nations by Richard Chandler of Chandler Group on governance issues. Available as free download.

Good governance, both on company and country level, goes hand in hand with prosperity. The book supports the message with plenty of stats.

I highly suggest this as a weekend read or before you decide on a major investment.

On the odd side, out of Top 5 the most corrupted countries listed (page 6), Russia is by far the most prosperous. On the corruption perception index Russia is marginally worse than Vietnam, Mozambique and India while with $18408 GDP per capita it is about 12 times more prosperous than India ($1540), 28 times more than Mozambique ($650) and 10 times more wealthy if compared to Vietnam ($1896).


Written by A.S.

July 5, 2014 at 8:45 am