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Week 52: up 1.19%

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Total test result for the last 2 months is about minus 0.9%. Hectic trading volume and markups are beneficial to intermediaries, but so far there´s little evidence that the service produces positive investment returns. In other words, where are the customers´yachts

During the last week ditched one system which seemed like another 1 pip system, i.e. the kind of which sits through massive drawdowns waiting for the market to come back. It´s really a source of discomfort to watch as system vendor takes, effectively, unlimited risk to gain very limited profit for the customer. Somewhat disappointingly, I´ve found that by far too many systems on the 1st page of zulutrade performance rank are such 1 pip systems.


Written by A.S.

January 6, 2010 at 7:24 am