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Performance [Misre]Presentation on Zulutrade

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Looks like total geeks or rogue marketers run Zulutrade. I tend to believe that they’re geeks since the site has some whistles and blows and a very good business concept.
When it comes to presentation of the content (i.e. trading systems), it does a good job to display junk prominently and gives no other tools but to dig trough the list manuallly.

This is the recent e-mail from Zulutrade (click thumbnail on the lef). The yellow markings are mine. The system is ranked #7. The average profit per trade are 2.8 pips. 2.8 pips, modelled on 2 pip spread?! Empirically, the spread is about 10. 487 trades. Adjust for fees and slippage and you’re likely to get a deep-loss system. This is a typical representation.

Very likely another system (click the thumbnail for a snapshot) with 35 average profit per trade is profitable, but somehow it’s digged in as #343 after all the “a couple of pips systems”.

As well, the “advanced filter” is of little help as it doesn’t let you filter any basic parameter like return, drawdown, average profit.

Currently Zulutrade lacks pedigree. Something you can’t say about and, particularly, But then, Zulutrade seems to be successful in building customer base and, hopefully, one day they’ll fix the shortcomings.


Written by A.S.

May 20, 2010 at 7:10 pm

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  1. It’s very informative posting, actualy i’m new in the domain matter, so this writing help me much increase my knowledge.

    zulu trade??

    June 14, 2010 at 6:25 am

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