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Java as Just Another Foreign Language

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Computers have become so pervasive in our life that what some time ago so different things as library (and need to go to it), newpapers (to read news), music player, televison, typerwriter  (hmm, once upon a time there was such a thing …), telephone, photo album, games ….  have basically replaced by one relatively small thing — computer.

What’s more, programming languages have evolved in something probably a non-geek can use already. If one needs a non-standard programm such as automated trading system “plugged” into a broker platform through an API, I can imagine that soon no more than just and average IQ will be needed to develop such programm.

To code trading systems, one has to be competent user of at least one programming language. It is not easy to learn a programming language, but my guess is that it is not more difficult than to learn a foreign language.

I myself can comfortably comunicate in four languages and have a basic understanding of another three. The next “foreign language” I’m likely to learn is Java. I guess it’s more usefull use of my time than to improve my French or Swedish or German.

Why Java? C++ is too complex and slowly gets obsolete, C# is usable only in Windows environment (unsure for how long Windows will remain relevant), Cocoa for Mac OS (hardly anything trading-related runs on Mac).  Write your software in Java and run it on basically any OS.

I choose to put some extra effort in learning Java rather than limit myself to EasyLanguage, C# or Cocoa.



Written by A.S.

October 27, 2009 at 9:29 pm

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