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System trading: Soros paid £1m, you get it for less than $100

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Annual returns in +/- 100% area and corresponding drawdown risk at about 15% is a splendid investment proposal. This is what the best signal vendors offer. For comparision, buy-and-hold S&P stocks strategy has about 10% annual returns with 50% drawdown risk (or more exactly, this was true till Y2008).

Not so long ago such performance would have been dismissed as unrealistic.  Yet track records are independently verified, not dependent on market conditions and the service is available to everybody. The performance is similar to what Nicholas Roditi achieved in the few years prior to Y1998 trading for Soros Fund Management out of his home office in Hampstead, London. Reportedly his annual pay for the work was £ 52 million (i.e. a cool £ 1 million every week). Today the best system vendors deliver about the same performance at +/- $300 per month.

All the facts just scream … it is such a no-brainer that every investors should embrace the opportunities unearthed by system trading. Bank deposits, stocks and bonds seem a game for fools compared to risk/return potential of system trading.


Written by A.S.

June 15, 2009 at 11:22 pm

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